Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

Permutations Software was born in 1991 to sell astrology software. From 1992-2002, Permutations Software was a consulting company with one employee, Sheryl Canter, then-editor of PC Magazine's Utilities column. From 2003 to 2005, Permutations Software again became a software company, this time with software developed by the original PC Magazine Utilities team. Although the "Utilities Team" version of Permutations Software released only one program (PassCrypt), we actually developed four programs. Links to all four are below. While these programs are now owned, marketed, and supported by their respective authors, they all benefited from the same collaborative team that produced the classic PC Magazine Utilities. You will like these programs!

And what about Permutations Software? Well, now it's a consulting company and a software company. But the consulting is mainly to help people struggling with emotional eating issues, and the software is all authored by company owner Sheryl Canter. First up in the software arena are Windows and Web versions of the astrology program that launched the company.

Do you have questions? Comments? The Permutations Software forum has reopened! We don't sell utilities any more, but we still love discussing them. smiley


PassCrypt - by Mark Sweeney, SeaMist Software

PassCrypt is an enhanced password manager that gives quick and secure access to passwords while surfing. Features include military strength encryption, automatic form capture and fill-in, password generation, searching, sorting, and printed reports.

Please note: PassCrypt is no longer sold or supported by Permutations Software. Please contact SeaMist Software for all questions about PassCrypt.


PC TimeWatch - by Patrick Philippot, MainSoft

PC TimeWatch is a tool for managing the time that people spend on a computer and the programs they may use. While originally designed for parents wanting to limit childrens' access, it also can be useful in the workplace. PC TimeWatch is the most secure program of its kind - virtually unbreakable - while offering a user-friendly interface that makes accessing this power easy. This was a most-requested utility back in the Utilities column days. You will love this program!

Permutations Software is a MainSoft affiliate, so you can purchase PC TimeWatch through links on this page:

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Xentient Labels

Xentient Labels and Xentient Thumbnails - by Ignacio Alvarez Morales, Xentient

Xentient Labels lets you use label colors to organize and customize your computer. You can assign the same label color to all files of the same type, or assign different colors to each file. Xentient Labels works in Windows Explorer, in Open and Save dialogs, and on the Desktop.

Xentient Thumbnails (freeware) lets you replace the generic icons used for image files with thumbnails of the actual image.


InfoStash - by Tom Rawson

InfoStash makes it so easy to back up your data that you'll actually do it! Presets let you quickly locate your irreplaceable data—Favorites, address book, email archives, and documents—and back up only those. You don't have to waste time backing up operating system and program files that you could easily reinstall.

Instant Horoscopes

Instant Horoscopes - by Sheryl Canter, Permutations Software

Instant Horoscopes is the long-awaited Windows version of LoveTies, an old DOS favorite hailed by PC Magazine, PC Computing, and others for its well-designed interface and high quality reports. The new version can produce compatibility reports for family, friends, and work associates, as well as romantic partners.

(The Windows and Web versions of Instant Horoscopes are still in beta testing, but the DOS version is still available, and works just fine under Windows XP as long as you don't use long filenames.)

Normal Eating for Normal Weight

Normal Eating - by Sheryl Canter, Permutations Software Consulting

The Normal Eating program helps people to free themselves from food and weight obsession, and manage the pressures that cause emotional eating. Resolving these issues lets people eat according to body wisdom and return to their normal weight without dieting.

And if you're wondering how in the world a programmer came to be helping people with eating problems... Well, that's what I was educated to do! I got interested in computers while working on a doctorate in psychology, but helping people is still the most satisfying work I know.

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